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About XPest Control Services - Gauteng

XPest Control Services is a family business based in Pretoria and Johannesburg. We have maintained an outstanding reputation for delivering a safe, clean and effective pest control service. In addition, we have worked hard to maintain many long-term clients, with whom we have carefully built solid business relationships with, grounded on trust and professional workmanship.


XPest Control Services is a well established Pest Control Business with the main emphasis remaining in the field of Pest Control and Hygiene Management.

XPest Control Services was founded by Tony Cawood. A long time Pest Control Specialist, Tony has been involved in the Pest Control since 1971. XPest Control Services is a Specialist Pest Prevention Company covering the full spectrum of pest problems resulting from ants, termites, rats, cockroaches, other rodents, fish moths, bed bugs, fleas, lice, ticks, wood borer, wood borer, thatch lice and dust mites. We also offer clearance certificates and do lawn treatments too. See our services page for more

Since inception, the company has embarked on what was at the time a revolutionary policy. This included two main aspects:

Firstly, the concept of keeping various premises pest-free, as opposed to control after an infestation, which is also more cost effective. Secondly, wherever possible, XPest Pest Control Services’ service is backed up by written guarantees, thus ensuring additional services, if and when they are required, at no additional expense. These two aspects of our service work to ensure our clients enjoy pest-free premises. This Concept is proving extremely successful that the demand for our services is increasing dramatically.

XPest Pest Control Services are registered with SAPCA (South African Pest Control Association), the controlling body for the pest control industry, and they operate strictly according to the requirements as laid down by the South African Department of Agriculture. A further requirement is the registration of all staff with the PCSIB (Pest Control Service Industries Board

In order to ensure that our service delivery remains efficient, our service staff attend advancement courses to continually stay abreast of all the latest developments in the Pest Control industry.

Staff have attended an HACCP training course (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point – especially for use in the food industries). International conferences have also been attended by senior management to stay up to date on the most modern and eco-friendly chemicals and methods in use around the globe.

XPest Pest Control Services endeavours, wherever possible, to incorporate Black Economic Empowerment Groups and remain BEE compliant. Many joint ventures have been undertaken and continue to be an important factor in our decision making. Numerous individuals have been enabled to effectively use the training and experience gained whilst with XPest Pest Control Services.

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